Thursday, June 13, 2013

23 & 24 weeks!!

23 weeks!

Last week I had a dr visit and my mom got to come! Chad had a class to attend in Atl so he couldn't make it. It was supposed to be just a simple check up but since I have been having constant lower abdominal pains my midwife wanted to check and make sure my cervix was ok. SO mom got to see Little Man!!! It was great! I had called the day before to see if they would do one since she was coming and they said "Oh no we don't just do an ultrasound for no reason...."  Um I was planning on paying for it but whatever. I still don't understand why.... But nonetheless we got lucky! Everything turned out fine and I had the ultrasound tech double check that it truly was a boy! AND YES this view was definitely 100% boy parts, no doubt! I forgot to scan in the pic so I will put it up next time! I wanted a good profile picture since all my pics of him look like a demonic flaming skull, but he has turned backward so she couldn't get one :( She did find one from our last visit but it wasn't very good either, but she printed it for me :)
So my appointment went good, my midwife ordered a veinous ultrasound on my legs to make sure I didn't have any clots forming and that my blood was flowing normal. She was concerned about how my feet are swelling and how my left foot is more swollen than my right, and it has also been painful....  AND, of course, I had another UTI... so back on antibiotics.... UGH!

That afternoon I was laying on the couch (yes, with my feet up!) and I actually got to SEE him kick! That was so exciting! I think more exciting than feeling him for the first time! He was very active last Wednesday!

Since then I have not felt him as strong. I guess that's because he is turned around and I guess kicking my back? I don't know how that works but I am feeling him regularly, still more at bedtime than any other time of the day!

24 weeks!!!

This week my feet are still swollen but actually not as bad as they were, and the pain has pretty much disappeared! I had my veinous ultrasound on Wednesday (yesterday) and everything checked out. The cardiovascular Dr has to approve it but so far no problems! Just stupid swollen feet... ugh!

Last night we had our first childbirth class! Babies R Us offers free classes so we are going to take advantage of as many as we can! Though the setting was aweful - in the middle of the nursery furniture and bedding department with a speaker blaring music the entire time- we could barely hear the lady talking but got most of it.
It was put on my a doula out of Atlanta and pretty much confirmed what I had already decided. I am DETERMINED to have a natural birth, as long as all goes well!
WHY would I choose this!?!? Well, believe it or not epidural slows labor and Pitocin makes it much much much more painful! So basically your body is put into an unnatural state of "labor" but doesn't really know how to react. So your chances of something going wrong are much higher, and chance of C-section is much much higher because your body isn't acting naturally! Sometimes the epidural doesn't work like it is "supposed" to so the Pitocin they are pumping into you makes the contractions unbearable....
So, I just don't want it. I want my body to tell me what to do and when to do it. Its much less stress on baby and I really don't want to be bedridden for hours and hours on end. Plus, I am a WOMAN! This is what my body was designed for! I know it will be painful and I may regret my decision but I will do everything I can to make it through. I am determined to prove everyone wrong who thinks I cannot. So there! :)

A far as baby, he is still turned, I think. He's still active at night and last night Chad was able to feel him kick a few times as we were laying in bed :) I love that he is able to feel him, especially when I don't think he's really kicking hard! I wish wish he was more active during the day but they are supposed to be sleeping more and more now.. Today he was craving a chocolate cupcake so I HAD to go to the store and get him some chocolate cupcakes... rotten kid! ;)

Last week my midwife said I needed to start wearing compression hose for the swelling in my feet.... Well I bought some yesterday after my appointment.... She wants me to wear the maternity ones that come up over the belly. Well, today I tried them...... OMG I don't think I will be able to continue them. They are horrible and whoever designed them was a complete idiot! The lady at the store told me to get the Plus size, since I will be going through this in the summer and it will be super uncomfortable! So, I did... And tried them on this morning,...... 20 minutes later I was sweating and furious! I broke a nail, got a run in the hose and was completely exhausted. I cannot imagine a true plus sized woman squeezing into those things! They cut into my toes and there is a lacy band on the thigh that totally cut into my legs! I could not WAIT to get out of them! I was so uncomfortable today, wouldn't walk right and was constantly trying to adjust them... I would rather deal with the swelling and foot pain than deal with that all day. UGH!!!!

I have also been having sciatica in my right leg and the hose seemed to make it worse!

SO, that's all I have to update on this time, I think!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

UPDATE! (finally, again!)

UGH! I know! I am so bad at this! I am behind 3 weeks! Maybe I will just make this a monthly thing... but thats no fun, is it? I resolve to do better LOL

OK so here is what has been going on!

This little guy is GROWING! Its pretty obvious as my belly is expanding but he is much much stronger then he was 3 weeks ago!.
        The most awkward part is when I am in a room with a client and their eyes keep wandering to my mid-section... and I know exactly what they are thinking.... "Is she getting fatter or is she pregnant?" but afraid to ask. My arms unconciously wrap around my belly or I press the clipboard I am holding to it to cover it up. I dont know why I get embarassed about it but I am not one to just come out and say "Yes, I AM pregnant!" I dont really like people to fuss over me and whenever I do tell someone, thats where the convo goes and thats not why they are in the exam room. Lets talk about your pet, not me. Except for the clients who are prego or have new babies. Then we get to chat :)
          I can feel him much more now! He is very active at night. Starting at around 9 and if I wake up in the middle of the night hes still moving! I hope this doesnt continue after he is born!
His kicks are getting so pronounced, Chad was able to feel him this week! That, I think, was the most exciting part! :) My midwife said he wouldnt be able to feel him for a long time so I am soooo happy he was able to experience that!


 UGH! I feel fine, expect that when I walk I get sciatic pain in one or the other leg. Usually goes away after a little bit of walking. BUT THEN THERES THE SWOLLEN FEET AND ANKLES!! OMG its ridiculous!!!!! I know I have cause some of it by not drinking enough water. I am working on that..... I feel like I am drowning! Its not easy to drink a gallon of water a day. You think it would be but after 3 bottles (30oz each) I feel like if I drink another sip I am going to explode! And form some reason, my left foot os more swollen than the right and hurts all the time. Like its sprained or something. Wierd..... Besides, I didnt think this was supposed to start til way later!!! Its pretty miserable. Also, the leg cramps! I think thats the worst. Another reason to drink drink drink!!!
Oh, what else? I think that all the complaining I have :)


Chad has been working hard on the nursery! We got the BED!!!!! and of course, he finished painting the room :) Now he is working on sanding and staining the rest of the furniture that will go in there! I am on the hunt for anything and everything Beatrix Potter related (or anything english garden or looks like it would fit with that theme) We are not going with the whole bedding set gimicky thing. I want something sweet and simple that can be changed out with the next baby and we dont have to spend another $200 to decorate. Keepin it simple. I would rather put that money toward more essential items, like a car seat.

Crafty things :)

Now that I am almost 6 months along, the realization has hit that I better get to work on the projects I want to do! Like crocheting blankets and hats and diaper covers and cute little stuffed animals! All I have finished so far is the pumpkin hat! IM RUNNING OUT OF TIME!!!!!
I also want to make some burp cloths and nursing covers and other things I cant even think of right now!!!!!!!!

Cloth Diapers!!!

We got our first little shipment of diapers in a few weeks ago and another is on its way! I am so excited about it!!!! The are so freakin stinkin cute I cannot wait to see/use them!!!!! We have so so so much more to go before it is complete, but we are purchasing a little at a time, and I am keeping my eye on used / swap sites for good deals. It is so much more fun  then buying a big box of disposables. Really the shopping is addictive LOL

Baby Registries!

As of today we are finished registering. (whew!) Well, at least in-store. I will certainly be going in and tweeking things and adding/deleting but for the most part we are done!

SO, if you are interested in snooping (I LOVE snooping and seeing what people I know have registered for!) we are registered at
Babies R Us
Buy Buy Baby
Kelly's Closet (cloth diapers)
Green Mountain Diapers (cloth diapers) 

Just search my name. :)
ALSO If you have any advice on what you could NOT live without, or if I have something on there that you  know is a POS let me know! I appreciate all the advice we can get!!!

OK I think thats it! If I forgot anything, I will do a mini update. I have an appointment on Wednesday and my mom is coming :)

Here are pics!