Sunday, May 12, 2013

Its a.........!!!!!!


We are happy to announce that Baby Burris is a boy! We are beyond thrilled! The party today was a success and I think everyone had a good time :) Even though 90% of everyone guessed correct! It was so much fun! Thank you to everyone for coming :) HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!

Here are a few pics !


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Update! Ultrasound, etc :) HALF WAY THERE!!!

GAH!! I am so far behind!
Not much has been going on though! Since my last post I have been having lots of pains. My tailbone hurts like hell and I waddle when I walk because my right hip is all outta wack! I feel my lower back (or something down low in my back) click everytime I walk! I have also have lower abdominal pain. It started out as a dull pain I associated with my bladder, but now its a constant pain when I walk/move/ stand up. Like theres pressure and feels like something is stretching likes its gonna rip! I think its my round ligament. My midwife wasnt too concerned about it though. I guess its just something Im going to have to get used to!
SO, I am officially a waddly, slow moving pregnant woman LOL

We had our 19 week ultrasound/ anatomy scan this week!!! It was so relieving to see our little one again! I have been so worried because A. the pain and B. I havent felt it move AT ALL! And everyone else is feeling their babies move but I havent felt a single flutter :(
BUT everything is 100% A-OK! Baby is weighing appx 10.5 oz and has a big fat belly and IS moving! We learned that I have an anterior placenta (its in the front and baby is behind it) so thats why I havent felt anything yet. My midwife said I may not feel anything until 22-23 weeks and Chad may not feel it kick until much later in the pregnancy :( That made me sad, but atleast I know now WHY.

We also found out the GENDER :):):) BUT nobody but us will know til Sunday! We are having our parents/ siblings over for a cookout and gender reveal cake! I am so excited! It is quite funny seeing everyone's guesses and how hard they are all trying to get us to slip and give it away! But wheres the fun in that???? LOL It will be a great memory to look back on!

We started on the nursery this past weekend. Chad put up chair rail and crown moulding and he starts painting tomorrow or Saturday! I cant wait to see it start coming together! Things are moving right along!

I just realized this week that we are really half way there! It seems like this is going by so so fast and I havent even had time for it to sink in yet! I still dont FEEL pregnant even though I LOOK pregnant now! Especially today. For some reason today my belly looks rounder and more like a bump than a fat blob on my mid section! EEEE!!!!!

So here are some pics to catch up on weeks 17, 18, and 19 plus our (crappy) ultrasound pics :)

I PROMISE to do an update on Sunday night or Monday with pics from the party :) I can't wait!!!!!!!

Front view of face

Profile? (I think...)