Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The past month!

OMG I have not been in the mood to post anything! Im just being lazy. So bad at this...

Anyway! Where did I leave off?

25 weeks!!!

I don't even remember that far back! I will just go with whats been going on weeks 25, 26, and 27!

First off, the 3rd biggest announcement of the pregnancy!
"SO, does he have a name?"

Yep, Little Man's name will be Jackson Jerome! Nicknamed Jax or Jack :)

We have been busy working on the nursery. Chad got the rocking chair finished, then the dresser/changing table. I have been nesting like crazy! I got the jungle gym bouncer thingy my sis gave me all washed and ready to be stored for 6 months (haha) and the high chair my MIL got us from one of her friends is washed and scrubbed and ready to go! The dresser is FULL already! I need to do some rearranging but all our diapers are in it, as well as blankets and misc stuff. Still trying to figure out how to make it efficient for diaper/ clothes changing. We will get it all figured out. I would have a pic but the room is a disaster area- Chad is in the process of installing a ceiling fan so there are  parts all over the place.
We did score a Peter Rabbit bassinet from one of the facebook online yardsale groups! It is in great condition, just some wear on the base but not bad. I was super excited when my SIL told me it was still available! I contacted the seller immediately and picked it up!
His bed is ready to go, just in case! We went ahead and got a mattress and sheet for it. I am so afraid he is going to come early (for some reason) so I wanted to get the basics ready!
Other than that, Chad wants to wait for the shower before we get anything else! Which, I know we should but UGH I WANNA DECORATE!!!  LOL

He has been so active lately! It feels like a little karate kid in there! Its crazy! I do know that he is still transverse and facing my back though... :( I hope he turns around soon so we can do a 3D ULTRASOUND! 
My last appointment was uneventful. Had the glucose test, which wasn't nearly as bad as I had expected. Apparently all went well with the test since I haven't heard anything. I also (surprise!) have another UTI... which meant another round of antibiotics, which didn't work.... so I went back today for a recheck and they put me on something else. Once I finish this round I go on daily antibiotic for the rest of the pregnancy. Hopefully I don't develop another one. My bladder has been so freakin angry the past 3 weeks! Not even 15 minutes after I go to the bathroom I feel like my bladder is going to split open again! So uncomfortable! I have not been sleeping well because of it either.

Cravings! OMG I am having the worst cravings! This kid has a major sweet tooth, obviously. I have wanted nothing but sweets for the past few weeks, and I am NOT a sweets person. Yeah, I induldge every once in a while (usually around "that time") but can typically control myself when it comes to cravings. That is NOT the case right now! I cannot just ignore these cravings, its crazy!! Like an addiction! I gotta figure out how to get this under control before I blow up!

Other symptoms...
My foot swelling is about the same, I haven't tried the compression hose again, I am just keeping my feet up as much as possible. My sciatic pain in my left leg is gone, but this week has appeared in my right.... and the leg cramps at night are still aweful!

So other than the bladder pain and leg issues, all is well!


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