Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hello, Third Trimester!

Yep, we are officially in the home stretch! It SO does not feel like it! Well, it may FEEL like it but it doesn't seems like it should be here so soon! The past 7 months have truly FLOWN by! I mean, it doesn't seem like we have been living in our new home THAT long! There are still so many things I was supposed to have done by now, but time has really gotten away! Then before I know it, I am about to have a baby! I am actually truly no joke about to have a baby and honestly he COULD come at any time. He could be early and I could have MY baby in MY arms at any time! THATS CRAZY!!! WHERE DID THIS COME FROM?! I mean, wasn't Christmas just like, last month?! Seems like it....! WOW....

The past couple of weeks have been ugh... I haven't really felt wonderful. UTI has cleared, I am not on antibiotics daily until the end.... The clicking in my back has turned into click with a shooting pain up my back or down my back/leg. Sciatica in the right leg comes and goes and I have started having aching in my left leg! Also, I have concluded that the pain in my abdomen is round ligament or muscle related because it still hurts then I get up from sitting or laying down.... which are my 2 main positions lately and its pretty miserable.... URRGGHH!!!! I just want to feel good and enjoy these last couple months, not be in pain all the time!!!

I know it will all go away as soon as he gets here but, really? I would rather have had morning sickness then this!!!

He has been super active lately though! I think what I am feeling is him flipping and twisting around :) Even if I cant feel him, I can see my belly moving and that is just the coolest thing EVER!!
He is still craving sweets like crazy! I am going to have to put my foot down because this is getting ridiculous!

The nursery is starting to look like a nursery! Today we got his name up on the wall and the shelf up in the closet. I washed all the bassinet parts this week and got it out back together, and washed all the newborn clothes I have (the consignment or hand-me-down stuff) :) Nesting is in full swing I guess! LOL


Chads mom found a huge stash of newborn cloth diapers on Craigslist and brought them over Friday :) A bunch of covers and a ton of fitteds :) We are officially SET on newborn diapers! I hope they will fit him for a while because we don't have many other sizes. I have those, plus the newborn prefolds I purchased a few weeks ago. And we have about 8 one size pocket diapers and 12 small prefolds and a few covers.

We are getting ready to head to the beach next weekend! Cannot wait! :)

Today we went a picked blueberries! we got about 2-1/2 gallons or so! MMMMMMM

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