Thursday, August 22, 2013

Palying catch up!! Weeks 30-33, baby showers, babymoon!

I know it has been too long but honestly, I just haven't FELT good! When I DO feel good, there are a million other things I need to be doing, so blog has been put on the back burner! I hope... HOPE to be more consistent in these last few weeks, since there are going to be so many changes!!!

So since week 29.....

I had an appointment the week before we went to the beach. All was well. Nothing exciting to report there, except that they told me I would be coming in every 2 weeks til 36 weeks!! I was like WHAT!?We are THERE already!?!? WOAH........

Then our BABYMOON!!! We waited a little long to book, so the best and cheapest deal we could get was Panama City Beach. I had not been to PCB in probably.....well we met my parents there in 2004 for the night, but before then, to really BE in PCB was high school! Growing up we always went to PCB. So I guess I could say I "grew up" there. Many summer memories were made along that hot crowded strip. HA! And I thought it was crowded when I was young! Since all the development, the place doesn't even look the same! I was very strange, but we had a great time. Aside from the bit of sunburn and having to pee every 30 minutes.... Oh and FYI, if you go on vacation while prego, make sure there are plenty of public restrooms available.... Pier Park SUCKS in that department!!!
I got my fill of seafood for the week though. We really had a great time. Took a ride on the Sea Screamer one day. That was so worth it! Although it rained 1/2 the trip (and of course I was wearing my white skirt....) we got to see a pod of about 4-5 dolphins and one was just a little baby!!! They were following a fishing boat that was dragging something behind it. I got some really good video of it and some pics. And we were so close! Aside from the novelty of going on the "Sea Screamer" it was a really good tour of St Andrews Bay. Did you know there is a HUGE state park right there? I mean it went on FOREVER!!! and we have been to Shell Island before but I thought it was just a little tiny place you go to get shells, right? Its pretty big too! Very cool! We will have to go explore it next time we are there! I like to go places where I can learn the history of the area. I never thought of learning the history of the "Redneck Riviera"... LOL But for the most part we sat on the beach and swam in the ocean and got a good suntan, and ate some (kinda) good food!
So my advice- If you are expecting a baby or plan on it in the future, I highly recommend going SOMEWHERE before baby comes. It was nice to just be a couple on vacation for the last time EVER.... Very bittersweet though.


Once the babymoon was over it was like WOAH! We are about to have a baby!!!! And Now I am in a rush to get things done, when I feel good...

We had our baby shower the following weekend. It was great! We got a lot of really good stuff and as far as nursery d├ęcor, we are pretty set!!! My aunt and cousin surprised me with a beautiful white cradle. I saw it on FB from another post and shared it on my page, just because it was so pretty! I never in my wildest dreams thought anyone would actually get it!!!! It was a very good surprise and I cannot WAIT to see our precious little baby boy sleeping in it :)
Chads parents got Jackson the entire collection of Beatrix Potter books, his grandmother made a beautiful Beatrix Potter quilt, my mom found some plates and saucers at an antique store... Lots of precious finds for the nursery!!! Then of course, we got a lot of clothes and necessities :) I was very surprised, though, that almost all the blankets he got were handmade! Usually the parents- to- be get a lot of blankets, period but all of Baby Jackson's were made with love :) I LOVE that! I need to find a rack to hang them all on!!!

The Wednesday after the shower was the "big" consignment event at the Gwinnett Co Fairgrounds. It was quite a disappointment... I imagined tons more stuff than they actually had, but most was clothes. So, I racked up on clothes! I *think* he has plenty of clothes to get him through to 6 months (and the next round of consignment events for spring). I will probably be wishing I had more once he gets here and I see how many changes of clothes he actually goes through, though!
I was hoping to check off a lot of the things from our list that we didn't get at the shower, though. I was especially looking for the Infant insert for the Ergo carrier Mrs C got us. I just don't want to pay full price when I KNOW there is one out there used and in excellent condition... But I bet I will end up paying full price for one..... urrgghhhh.

So the main things we need now are a stroller and a car seat! (and to get the nursery finished!!!)
The girls at work had a shower for me last weekend and we got a gift card which will cover either, so now we just need to go get it! We also got a few more super cute outfits, a backpack leash thing and 2 more beautiful handmade blankets, and a handmade diaper bag!!!

But, aside from all the excitement and wonderful pampering, etc, I have felt like CRAP! This is the worst I have felt during the whole pregnancy. I don't mean to complain, but I don't think I like being pregnant. I REEEEEALLLLLY want to! But all these ridiculous pains!!!! My feet have been swollen since we GOT to the beach... and of course that makes my legs hurt. Sciatic pain comes and goes in both legs and the abdominal pain is worse, it seems! I have ZERO energy to get up in the evenings once I sit down, and the pain in my feet makes it nearly impossible to walk! I am not kidding it feels like my feet might explode or crack into a million pieces at the end of the day. Driving home is aweful...... so, all I wanna do when I get home is put my feet up and do absolutely NOTHING! But theres so much to do!!! OH and this new thing- Jackson is super high in my uterus, I guess, because I cannot breathe!!! And he only lets me eat so much before protesting! Seriously, I will be through half my meal and then I feel him stretch.... feet up into my stomach and then that's it. I cant take another but or it will not stay down.... nice! And I have horrible reflux. I cant drink water without it wanting to come back up! Oh the joys! I think I got the short end of the stick here. I imagined being happy and active and loving pregnancy.... no. I love feeling him move in my belly. I love knowing soon we will have a baby boy to oogle over. I love the way I LOOK pregnant! I like my belly :) But I don't like all the bad things that come with it.....

This week at my appointment I saw one of the OBs (for the 2nd time... my midwife was off). Everything was good! She suggested I get knee high compression socks, so today I did and OMG!!! I wish I had known about these MONTHS ago!!!!! My feet hurt, but not NEARLY like they usually do! They also have a cooling effect on my legs so all day it has felt like a cool compress on my calves. Its wonderful. I cant believe I didn't try them before! Today is the first day in a MONTH that I have truly felt GOOD! Its wonderful :) haha

So this week I am weeks and will update that next blog. This weekend is very busy! We have maternity pics on Saturday morning at Nash Farm Battlefield. I cant wait! The session is only $100 and includes the newborn session as well! All prints, etc are a-la-cart and we are not committed to an minimums! After that we have our 3D/4D ultrasound in Lawrenceville, THEN we come back to LG to find out if we will be getting a new niece or nephew at Chads sisters gender reveal!!!!!! *TEAM BOY*!!! Busy exciting weekend ahead, and I hope we can fit in some baby buy shopping too!  

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