Friday, April 12, 2013

15 weeks!

Not much exciting going on this past week (I guess that would be my 14th week... this is going to get confusing...) except this little bumblebee must be going through a MAJOR growth spurt! I CANNOT get enough to eat during the day! I eat lunch, get back to work and feel like I havent eaten ANYTHING! IM STARVING but I am not giving in so quickly. I need to keep healthy snacks at the clinic instead of raiding the candy drawer to curb my cravings.

I did have my FIRST really real gotta have it NOW craving last Thursday for WATERMELON!!! MMMMMMMMM!!!! on my way home from work. Good thing Publix is on the way!

Otherwise I have felt wonderful! Here's my 15 week pic :)

                                                                        15 weeks!

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