Thursday, April 18, 2013

Crafty! Recovering a Cat Tower!

I bought the kitties a nice tower a few years ago from Petco. They were having a killer sale and I got it for $75 and free shipping! They LOVE it and after a few years of using it,  you could really tell. The carpet covering it was disgusting and took forever to vacuum and even then would not come clean. When we moved I was NOT going to bring that nasty hairball covered thing into our nice clean house so I decided to recover it! Took forever to get around to it but I FINALLY finished it this week and am pretty satisfied with the result! (This being the first piece of "furniture" I have ever recovered)

I bought some duck cloth from Joann's for $10 a yard. I wanted something like an indoor/outdoor fabric that would not act like Velcro with the cat hair and would come clean fairly easy.

I didn't bother measuring how much exactly I needed but figured 3 yards would do, and I had a 50% off coupon so it was a pretty cheap project!

Anyway, I started by vacuuming as much hair off as I could. Not very successful but it would get covered up anyway.


It was pretty gross. All this hair is just caked into the carpeting. Y.U.K
Duck cloth!
Take the tower apart (Allen wrench needed)
Take BEFORE pics!!! You will need them for reference to put the thing back together when you finish!
Measure and cut fabric to cover each piece.
Label your fabric pieces in case they get mixed up!
It was easiest (and more secure) to glue, then staple the edges.
Fold edges under and glue small sections at a time, pulling the fabric tight as you go.
Once all side are glued, staple the edges with a staple gun
DONE! Repeat with each piece. Some pieces will take more patience than others... And you will be sure to burn your fingers a few times with scalding hot glue........
Finished Product! :)
I think it looks pretty good, eh?


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