Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Intro, pregnancy update, etc :)

So I decided to go ahead and create a blog. Mainly to document our first pregnancy but also because it seems like the cool thing to do now  haha :)

Getting a late start on keeping up with this pregnancy stuff. I wanted to start immediately but I felt AWEFUL and just had no motivation at ALL! So now, here I am at 14 weeks, over a third of the way through the most incredible milestone of my life and have NOTHING to show for it but the fact that my wardrobe has grown with fat clothes! We wanted to begin taking weekly pictures at 8 weeks (our 1st ultrasound) but missed the bus completely. So heres a recap of whats been going on the past 14 weeks!

We moved in to our new house January 26th (yay!!) I was supposed to start my period on the 15th but was late. I just figured it was due to all the stress of closing, getting the house ready, etc... that I hadnt started. I waited and waited for symptoms of Flo to come but they just didnt. No moodiness, cramping, nada... Dammit.... Decided not to really worry myself til I was officially 2 weeks late, but GAH I was so freakin TIRED all the time! In our Brand New house I had been dreaming or for years and I didnt even want to get off the couch! So Thursday Jan 31, but the bullet, bought the test (didnt tell Chad....) and after dinner took the test.... There was no mistake. 2 lines appeared almost immediately.... and now Im sweating. OH SHIT! what am I going to say to him!?!? How the hell am I going to tell my husband that we just BOUGHT AN FREAKIN HOUSE and not EVEN a week into it IM PREGNANT!?!?!?!?! OH.MY.GOD......  But I walked out of that bathroom, sat beside him on the couch and showed him the proof.... And he took it better than I expected! I dont know why I thought he would be mad. Or dissapointed. Or frustrated. I just pictured him blaming me for some reason! But he was shocked, then very happy - elated even :) Much different reaction than I had. I was freaking OUT. It got better though. I figured I was 5 weeks along then.
So for the next 2-3 weeks, I felt like crap. Super tired, nauseous (but no vomiting), just blah. I had to eat constantly or I would get nauseous, and the smell of my new house made me so sick to my stomach every time I walked in the door! The only aversion I have had thus far has been to my new house. A mix of new paint, new carpet, weird lingering smells mixed with the dogs made me want to puke every day when I came home. I actually dreaded it. But it got better and by the time we went for our first appointment (8weeks) my energy was better and NO MORE NAUSEA! YAY!! Since then I have felt nothing. nada. Am I really even pregnant???

At this point, 14 weeks today, all I really feel is fat. I have had to buy maternity clothes already... but atleast they are cute and not hideous like they were back in the day!! I have only gained 1 pound (according to my scale) and I feel great! No cravings, no aversions, no weird anything!

Were finally able to start taking pics tonight so here are a few!

Of course, our other 3 kids had to be involved too!!
Titus (the biggest baby!)

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